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US-4151104-A: Built liquid bleaching compositions patent, US-4200042-A: Nut cracker patent, US-4279955-A: Wedge shaped chute walls with bent ends for cigarette magazines patent, US-4378671-A: Rake patent, US-4408641-A: Apparatus for filling viscous substances into hard gelatin capsules patent, US-4441152-A: Data processing system having ring-like connected multiprocessors relative to key storage patent, US-4590258-A: Polyamic acid copolymer system for improved semiconductor manufacturing patent, US-4685371-A: Grand piano action patent, US-4752925-A: Two-hop collocated satellite communications system patent, US-4789753-A: Phosphite ligands patent, US-4910413-A: Image pickup apparatus patent, US-5043312-A: Heat-sensitive recording material patent, US-5057215-A: Reversible-flow filter assembly patent, US-5061635-A: Protein or peptide sequencing method patent, US-5262037-A: Electrochemical sensor patent, US-5667923-A: Charged particle beam exposure compensating proximity effect patent, US-6091851-A: Efficient algorithm for color recovery from 8-bit to 24-bit color pixels patent, US-6106471-A: Procedure for an examination of objects by the means of ultrasound waves patent, US-6133653-A: Recirculating driver control circuit and method of operating the same patent, US-6282055-B1: Magnetic tape head with combination bleed and transverse slotted contour patent, US-6373937-B1: Method and apparatus for load-balancing of call processing between multiple call-destination sites and routing of calls by way of call-destination site control patent, US-6453686-B1: Deep cycle heating and cooling apparatus and process patent, US-3661607-A: Reduction of dustiness and abrading of soft porous low density hydrated calcium silicate products patent, US-3678560-A: Internal pipe sealing system patent, US-3703271-A: Concrete casting apparatus patent, US-3705574-A: Water heating and storage system with mixing valve patent, US-3778966-A: Face fly screen patent, US-3784325-A: Method of and apparatus for the gas-lift withdrawal of a liquid from a subterranean space patent, US-3789874-A: Changing bias check valve patent, US-3792579-A: Electric contacting device for timepieces patent, US-3816804-A: Bilateral power conditioner for spacecraft patent, US-3819882-A: Matrix keyboard assembly patent, US-3863999-A: Detachable warning light patent, US-3867518-A: Radioimmunoassay for insulin patent, US-3868215-A: Method of steam processing tubular knit fabric or the like patent, US-3880523-A: Multiple channel colorimeter patent, US-3921943-A: Diverless helicopter weapon recovery devices patent, US-3929091-A: Automatically inflating and liberating a balloon patent, US-3942392-A: Dental handpiece patent, US-3945827-A: Methods of making printed circuit boards utilizing an image transparency mode with Herschel-effect film patent, US-4048607-A: Circuit breaker patent, US-4069865-A: Bottom hole fluid pressure communicating probe and locking mandrel patent, US-4131341-A: Ophthalmic device patent, US-4147315-A: Tape transport apparatus patent, US-4157501-A: Digital panel meter patent, US-4219628-A: Molding composition from polyester blends patent, US-4228126-A: Diacetylene time-temperature indicators patent, US-4287350-A: Process for the preparation of thiazolidine-2-thiones patent, US-4300905-A: Rapid test for ascorbic acid determination patent, US-4313884-A: Use of metal ions in preparation of anhydropolyols patent, US-4318726-A: Process for producing optical fiber preform patent, US-4359707-A: Picture tube demagnetizing coil arrangement patent, US-4411449-A: Connecting member for a drive wire casing in passive seat belt systems patent, US-4451674-A: Substituted benzene derivatives having at least one benzene ring substituted by 3,3,3-trifluoropropyl group and process for their production patent, US-4510395-A: Double-axle drive for electric self-propelled railway vehicle patent, US-4535357-A: Video signal processing circuit and method for blanking signal insertion with transient distortion suppression patent, US-4575608-A: Method and apparatus for spot heating a body, particularly for brazing hard solder gold alloys patent, US-4713580-A: Sealing structure for metal vapor arc discharge lamps patent, US-4736522-A: Process for loading test pins patent, US-4738094-A: Roving stopping clamp, in particular for spinning machines patent, US-4768118-A: Floating-type magnetic head patent, US-4848509-A: Central locking system for door and lid fastenings of a motor vehicle patent, US-5013070-A: Golf score card with putting green grain indicia patent, US-5021551-A: Method of enhancing peptide immunogenicity patent, US-5049573-A: Fungicidal substituted triazoles patent, US-5061316-A: Ph-insensitive anti-kogating agent for ink-jet pens patent, US-5120796-A: Process for the production of reactive microgel and resin composition containing the microgel patent, US-5132505-A: Method of cleaving a brittle plate and device for carrying out the method patent, US-5251694-A: Heat exchanger patent, US-5477771-A: Hydraulic cylinder assembly patent, US-5524052-A: Communication network access method and system patent, US-5765760-A: Shower head with two discharge variations patent, US-5809488-A: Management system for a power station installation patent, US-5818404-A: Integrated electro-optical package patent, US-5877652-A: Voltage detecting circuit and method for reduced power consumption patent, US-5897108-A: Substrate support system patent, US-6098446-A: On head valve spring tester patent, US-6304444-B1: Underground centralized power supply/battery vault patent, US-6311766-B1: Heat sink assembly patent, US-6397885-B1: Vacuum control apparatus for maintaining the operating condition of a vacuum responsive device during loss and resumption of power patent, US-6402930-B1: Process for the electrolysis of technical-grade hydrochloric acid contaminated with organic substances using oxygen-consuming cathodes patent, US-6501709-B1: Read error reduction system for a disk player patent, US-6512136-B1: Substituted 2-phenyl-1-(3,4-dihydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)-1-ethanones, their use in the treatment of some central and peripheral nervous system disorders and pharmaceutical compositions containing them patent, US-3623738-A: Rear seal patent, US-3624837-A: MOTOR SPEED AND TORQUE CONTROL CIRCUIT WITH e.m.f. FEEDBACK patent, US-3630536-A: Rotatable chuck, especially for turning machines patent, US-3694843-A: Wire stripping machine patent, US-3697857-A: Power supply and control circuit patent, US-3706493-A: Ranging and aiming system patent, US-3724203-A: Pyramidal metronome patent, US-3728473-A: Multi-orificed electrical connector patent, US-3744718-A: Luminescent aerosol marker patent, US-3759430-A: Clothes carrier patent, US-3764629-A: Process for the preparation of pyrocatechols patent, US-3773177-A: Treatment process patent, US-3815647-A: Wood working machine patent, US-3836225-A: Fiber optic scanners patent, US-3849066-A: Method of increasing covering power of knitted cotton fabric patent, US-3892018-A: Device for the pneumatic squeezing of a continuously moving thread patent, US-3917276-A: Chance ticket patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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